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anti-slip floor and tub treatments

Our Anti-Slip Flooring and Bathtub treatments use technology from the computer chip industry to make tiled surfaces extremely slip resistant through micro-etching. The surface does not look rough to the human eye, but with a high-powered microscope it looks like Mountains with millions of peaks and valleys. When your foot makes contact with the wet tile, water is evacuated, forming a suction that greatly decreases slipping.

floor and tub anti-slip

A clear chemical treatment that increases the co-efficient of friction and actual makes the surface safer wet than dry.

  • Helps reduce slip injury
  • Natural stone floors,
  • Porclean and Enamel Bathtubs
  • Easy application and low odor.
  • One application can last up to five years.
The only treatment system in the world available in custom formulations for:
  • Regular, most natural stones #90378.
  • Heavy duty cement floors & similar #50378.
  • Porcelain Tile #80378

Floor Applications start at $ 1.00 per sq/ft and go to $ 1.75 per sq/ft and come with a 1-3 year warranty ( call for an exact price) Bathtubs are $39.95 and come with up to a five year warranty, or you can DIY for $ 19.95 with our DIY kits which you can find on our "Other Products" page.
(If you would rather buy the products directly and apply them yourself, you can find flooring and bathtub products on our "other products" page.)

Use SafetyStep

Fatal falls in bathrooms and stairways can go undetectable for a period time. "Caution When Wet" signs are Reactive and not considered awareness and does not provide liability protections for your business or institution. Using Safety with innovative products and specialist in floor safety is proactive and considered a viable course as a safety measure.

Application Time

Skilled technicians do the applications and most of the time the area can be used immediately after treatment causing minimal disruption in your daily business.

Satisfaction Guarantee

As an added security measure and customer satisfaction a free flooring courtesy checkup is done between 7- 10 months after application using a certified digital slip meter. If we feel any part of the floor may cause slipping the application will be reapplied to the area of concern at NO ADDITIONAL COST.

Safety Standards

In Canada under BillC-54, section 217.1 , you can be held liable for slip and falls. The Occupational Safety and Hazard Administration (OSHA) require businesses to maintain non-slip surfaces. In regards to the WSIB, due diligence refers to the employers legal responsibility to take every reasonable precaution to prevent injuries and prove that they have done this. Because of these standards, if a slip and fall accident occurs on your premises the burden of proof is on you to show that you have taken adequate precautions to ensure the safety of your customers and employees. By treating a surface with our anti-slip solutions the surface friction is significantly increased.

The Value of a Safety treatment

We help generate significant dollar savings by: lowering worker's compensation costs through reducing accidents and their associated expense; reducing liability insurance costs by controlling exposure to slip and fall accidents; and minimizing litigation expense by limiting the factors that lead to customer litigation. For literally pennies a day your business can be protected. Floor treatment costs vary by different factors, such as the type of floor and or the current condition of floor (greasy or excessively dirty).


At the time services are performed, Safety measures and documents the friction of the floor surface before and after treatment is performed to ensure it exceeds safety standards. All work is guaranteed from one to five years depending on the treatment solution which is used. In the event the treated area, or any part thereof, should lose its effectiveness during the predetermined warranty period, the area of issue will be retreated immediately at no additional charge. If you have any questions, or would like one of our applications specialists come to your location for a free no obligation slip meter testing/ demonstration and estimate, please feel free to contact us at 902-890-2450 or .

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