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Flexstrip #8201
Stripper for Resilient and Hard Floor Wax/Polymer Finishes

Heavy duty, ammonia free unique chemcial implosion technology.
  • Strips better, faster, easier and safer.
  • Less scrubbing required.
  • Equipment cleans up easier and faster.
  • Saves labor costs.
  • Safer for the environment.
  • Eliminates fear of emulsified floor finish dry-back.
  • When diluted as recommended complete floor finish removal occurs in one application.
  • Contains no harsh caustic or solvents.
  • Does not rely on excessive alkali or high caustic builders.
  • Not unduly corrosive.
  • Safer for accidental skin contact.
  • Floor finishes are imploded quickly and totally so that the slipperiness associated with conventional strippers is reduced.
  • Contains a micro-foam catalyst that creates a lubricant to protect floors from harsh pads and brushes. Low pH after stripping.
  • Does not open pores in the substrate, providing a smoother application using less product.
  • Effective in hot, warm, cold, hard or soft water.
  • May be used for conventional, skim or mop stripping.
  • Safer on delicate floors including rubber and linoleum.
  • Will not soften or bleach out synthetic floors.
  • Dilute 1 to 8 for regular and 1 to 3-4 for heavy duty stripping.
  • Minimal harsh odor to irritate user. Odor quickly dissipates.
  • Finish is imploded completely and if allowed to dry, will leave a powder residue.

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