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Maxiflex HT Slip Resistant Floor Care Finish - 8703
Excellent durability & slip resistance for resilient & tile floors. Waterbase for indoor use only.

A unique combination of a slip resistant finish combined with microscopic safety traction granules yields a slip coefficient that meets industry standards. Helps reduce slip and fall liabilities.

A durable easy to apply finish for use on fine floor surfaces such as vinyl, VCT, linoleum, wood, ceramic, terrazzo, marble, quarry tile or stone. Water base, no odour, non-yellowing. Complies with OSHA and ADA requirements for co-efficient of friction.

Suitable for floors where there is a concern for slip injury prevention combined with the need for an attractive, durable clear finish.

Rapid drying, recoatable in 15 minutes. Coverage is about 2000 sq. ft per coat. Five coat coverage recommended. Scuff and scratch resistant.

Self sealing - Sealers not normally required except if surface is highly porous. For increasing traction on slippery surfaces caused by dry residue and on polished surfaces such as porcelain tile. Also on resilient floors that get wet or greasy such as fast food restaurants, hospital operating rooms, senior care, etc. Non-powdering. Restorers not required. Ultra-violet light resistant.
Do not allow water to pond on the surface.

Approved by Agriculture & Agrifoods Canada for use in food industries. Avoid direct food contact during application & storage.

Recommended for resilient and hard floors. Maxiflex H.T. does not require burnishing. Clean and recoat, low maintenance, self-sealing, dries crystal clear, UV resistant with super fine traction granules.

Slip Resistant & Versatile
A unique combination of a slip resistant finish combined with microscopic safety traction granules yields a slip coefficient that meets industry standards. Helps reduce slip and fall liabilities.

Suited for application on all types of resilient and hard floors including natural stone, ceramic tile, wood, concrete, rubber, VAT, VCT, lino and old vinyl asbestos tile. Gaseous membrane allows surface to breathe, which is important with hard floors such as marble, etc.

Innovative & Unique Synthesized Polymer Technology. High Density
  • Tough, flexible, pliable
  • Extends time between stripping
  • Clarity and levelling ability allows for traffic lane touch up and blending
  • No need to recoat entire floor
  • Easy to remove if necessary with Flexstrip
  • Use Flexclean to clean and restore gloss or Flexclean Antibacterial to clean and disinfect. Use On Guard to degrease
  • Tough and durable
  • Saves on labour and chemical costs

Internal Thermal Catalyst Drying & Curing Agent
Dries and cures from the bottom up usually in 15 minutes. Rapid coating is possible. Because the Finish dries and cures from the bottom up, porosity and poor film integrity caused by the coalescent out-gassing of top down drying is eliminated. Dries and cures in minutes to form a tough, flexible finish that is extremely durable.

Resists Staining & Etching
Solvent and mild acid resistant. Resists alcohol, oils, medications and most food spills.

Can be coated over a stable conventional finish or sealer. Maintain & restore with Flexclean or On Guard. Carefully read directions for use on bottle before use. Rayon string mop recommended. Will not affect integrity of marble tile.

Product Specifications
Solids: 25 plus %
pH: 8.8 + / - 0.1
Color: Milky White
Dry Film Character: Clear, Water White
Oven test 52: Stable
Stability: 30 Days

Tests on Finish
Slip Resistance (up to): .55 to .8 ASTM 2047-82
Leveling: 9/10*
Gloss levels at 60°
(4 coats on black vinyl composition):
Water Spot Resistance
(4 coats, 1 hour cure time on pure vinyl tile):
Drying Time: 15 minutes
Re-coatability: 15 minutes
Detergent Resistance: 8/9*
Black Mark Resistance: 8*
Powdering Resistance: 10*
Sward Rocker Hardness: 80/90
100% Modulus: 5000/6600 P.S.I.
Tensile Strength: 4800/7000 P.S.I.
Elongation At Break: 425%
Application Temperature: 35°F min. to 90°F max.

* Code:   1=Poor   10=Excellent

Performance Advantage
Force drying, due to internal thermal accelerator. Equipment cleanup-Water. Semi Gloss. No solvent coalescent; no offensive odour in product. Non-discoloring - contains no styrene. Can be walked on after only two hours of final coat.

Application Procedure
  1. If floor has been stripped, ensure floor has been neutralised and clear water rinsed properly prior to finish application procedures. If floor has been scrubbed using 'Flexclean', neutralising is not essential, however, a clear water rinse is required. Check pH of floor to ensure it is not below pH 7 (acidic).
  2. Assemble all equipment, chemicals and custodial hardware prior to beginning procedures. Read safety instructions on MSDS and chemical product labels and comply as directed.
  3. Pour Maxiflex H.T. in a wringer bucket lined with a plastic bag. Immerse clean, prebroken in, lint free, dedicated H.T. Rayon Floor Finish Mop fully in finish. Wring out bottom half of mop. (New mops should be soaked in clean water first, to remove loose fibres and residue.)
  4. Apply 4 to 5 coats depending upon porosity of floor, desired appearance, traffic conditions, etc.
  5. For best results, apply first coat Flexfinish and burnish very well with H.T. Blue Pad to anchor Flexfinish to tile. Then apply 4 coats Maxiflex H.T. on priming coat Flexfinish. (Use a 1000 to 2500 R.P.M. burnisher.) If using as a Dry Brite finish, burnishing is not required.
  6. Maxiflex H.T. blends in perfectly with previous coats if recommended maintenance procedures have been performed. If this is a re-coat after scrubbing (not stripping), or in an area where the coating is to be blended in, apply coats directly on the affected area(s).

NOTE: 'Flexseal' is highly recommended as a first coat on porous VCT tile as it will greatly enhance the floor finish and increases its durability.

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