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No Skidding ON GUARD - 8501
Heavy-Duty Concentrated
Degreaser & Cleaner
A precise chemical formulation that will lift dirt and grease from the pores of tiles and concrete surfaces. This releasing action helps restore the slip resistant quality of the original surface and will even remove old, hard caked on grease. On Guard is needed anywhere a hazardous condition exists due to a slippery floor. Suitable for restaurants, hotels, motels, hospitals, nursing homes, schools, universities, colleges, etc. Highly concentrated. On Guard is easy to use, biodegradable and non acid. Free rinsing, versatile and economical.

The Technology Behind On Guard Electrostatic Degreaser
All matter, whether floors, walls, glass, metal, skin, etc., is made up of ionic particles that consist of either positive or negative electrical charges. When a surface / substrate is brand new, it's ionic charge is in equilibrium, or in a balanced state. Upon the very first cleaning with conventional cleaners, the original ionic balance is disturbed which then causes it to attract additional soils like a magnet.

A surface stays clean up until it's first cleaning with conventional cleaners. That's all it takes to alter its ionic balance, which attracts dust particles at a much faster rate.

Conventional cleaning chemicals perpetuate a vicious cycle. They can cause surfaces to accept certain types of soil more readily. Chemical manufacturers commonly add alkaline ingredients that literally burn soils off, damaging the surfaces they are meant to clean and protect. No Skidding On Guard removes soils electrostaticly, returning substrates and surfaces as close as possible to their original ionic-balanced, 'like new' condition. Electrostatic cleaning works by restoring the original polarity balance of the surface being cleaned, so that the polarity of the surface is neutralized and the soils literally 'pop' off. The surfaces are restored, resisting resoiling naturally. Surfaces cleaned and protected with No Skidding cleaners repel soils as if they were new.

Electrostatic cleaning is the basis of all our cleaners for cleaning and protecting.
ON GUARD #8501 Degreaser
& Super Heavy Duty Cleaner
  • Simple to use and safer for people, property and the environment.
  • Degreases better, faster, easier and safer.
  • Less Mechanical action (scrubbing) required.
  • Saves labour costs.
  • Removes soil by breaking the electrostatic charge.
  • Conditions surfaces to help repel soils and keep surfaces cleaner for longer.
  • Overall end-user cost savings due to low dilutions and speed of application.
  • When properly diluted, complete removal of petroleum distillates, animal fats and heavy accumulations of soil occurs in one application.
  • Contains no harsh caustic, ammonia or solvents.
  • Does not rely on excessive alkali.
  • Less corrosive.
  • Safer in the event of accidental skin contact.
  • Contains a micro catalyst that creates a lubricant to protect surfaces from harsh pads.
  • Low pH after dilution.
  • Does not attack the composition of surface materials, only the soils.
  • Does not open pores in the surface.
  • No degradation of surface materials.
  • Effective in hot, warm, cold, hard and soft water.
  • Use for mopping, pressure washing, spray cleaning or auto scrubbing.
  • Use on all types of hard surfaces.
  • Dilute 1:128 to 1:64 (1 to 2 oz/gal) for light cleaning and 1:32 to 1:14 (4 to 9 oz/gal) heavy duty cleaning.
  • Reduces overall costs and redundancy of carrying multiple products.
  • Minimal harsh odour to irritate user. Any odour observed quickly dissipates.
  • Removes animal fats or petroleum oils and greases, anti-oxidants, asphalt, coal tar, rust and a wide variety of soils

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