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FLEXCLEAN Anti-Bacterial. To Sterilise, Deodorise & Clean - 8302
Flexclean Anti-Bacterial #8302
Food safe. Ideal for floors in restaurants, kitchens, fast food operations, industrial plants, laundries, hallways etc. Helps remove silica and hard water stains. Biodegradable, septic tank safe. Deep cleans grease and oil from floor pores and grout lines. Highly concentrated.

Dilution Ratios
  • Wet Mopping 2 to 4 oz per 3.78 litres of water
  • Machine Scrubbing 1 to 2 oz per 3.78 litres of water
  • Spray Cleaning 4 oz per 3.78 litres of water
  • Glass Cleaning 1 oz per 3.78 litres of water
  • Awnings and Stainless Steel Smoky surfaces, carpets and high traffic areas: Use full strength and rinse with water
Typical Applications
Restaurants, Hotels, Motels, Supermarkets, Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Factories, Food Processing Plants, Health Clubs, Shopping Malls, Office Building, Recreational Centers, Pool Decks, Bathtubs, Showers etc.

Flexclean comes in 1 US Gallon (3.78 L), 5 US Gallons (18.9 L) and 55 US Gallons (207 L)

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