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SRC Slip Resistant Floor Cleaner - 71378
SRC Slip-Resistant
Floor Cleaner #71378
  • For inside use on commercial & residential floors.
  • Approved by Agriculture & Agri-Foods Canada. For use in the Food Industry.
  • Helps reduce the potential for slip and falls. No rinsing required. Formulated for use over acrylic floor finishes or carnauba based floor waxes on vinyl, linoleum, terrazzo, marble, composite or similar surfaces. Effective for damp mopping or spray buffing.
Slip Resistant Cleaner and Maintainer: The process used to manufacture SRC combines the effectiveness of quality cleaning agents with slip resistance. Every time the floor is cleaned with SRC, an invisible monomolecular slip resistant film is left on the surface.

SRC is an effective floor cleaner and treatment. It has been designed to meet a need in the marketplace for a product that would effectively clean soiled floors and simultaneously leave a slip resistant coating on the floor. SRC may be used to clean and maintain acrylic polymer floor finishes, as well as synthetic and carnauba based floor waxes.

Highly Concentrated and Packed with Power: Only a few ounces of SRC per gallon of water are necessary to clean and slip treat most floor surfaces. SRC has a built in foam control system to minimize foaming.

Q1. How does SRC differ from other cleaning products?
A. There are many degreasers and cleaners, which remove grease and soils from floor surfaces. However, in addition to being an excellent cleaner and degreaser SRC cleans, slip treats and neutralizes with no alkali residues to attack floor surfaces or produce slippery soaps when water is spilled on the floor later.

Q2. Does S.R.C. contain acids?
A. SRC is ACID FREE. It does not etch floor surfaces.

Q3. Can S.R.C. be used over sealed floors, painted floors, Epoxy floors, Vinyl, glazed floor tiles and coated floors?
A. SRC is a product manufactured using a process, which yields an effective cleaner and slip resistant coating. SRC is designed for use over sealed and unsealed vinyl or linoleum (kitchens for example)

Q4. When used as a daily cleaner, does SRC require a rinse?
A. After soiled solution is removed from the floor by damp mopping or wet vacuum, S.R.C. is self-neutralizing, DO NOT APPLY a final clear water rinse. Unlike other products, SRC leaves no alkaline residue on the floor surface which can contribute to slip and fall accidents.

Q5. Can SRC be used on porous quarry tile?
A. SRC is an effective safety product and cleaner for porous floor surfaces. A strong solution of SRC should be used as an initial "shock cleaner" on quarry tiles to deep clean the floor surface removing deposits and residues. Thereafter SRC may be used diluted on a daily basis to keep the floor safe and clean.

Q6. Can SRC be used on Marble or Granite?
A. SRC can be used on marble, granite and other natural stone surfaces.

Q7. What is the suggested water temperature with SRC?
A. Use SRC with any water temperature. Hot water works best with heavily soiled or greasy areas.

Q8. Is SRC a germicidal cleaner?
A. SRC is an effective daily floor cleaner and safety treatment. It is not a germicidal floor cleaner.

Q9. What coverage will we get with SRC?
A. The average coverage for mopping with SRC will vary from a few hundred to several thousand square feet per mop bucket. The variability in coverage is a result of the different soil loads from one surface to another. The mop water should be changed frequently under heavy soil loads.

Directions For Use
Use this procedure on epoxy, glazed, coated or painted floor surfaces to condition floor or whenever floor surface is out of control with heavy stains or grease build-ups. Apply by mop or automatic scrubber. Re-apply initial slip treatment procedure when necessary.

1. DILUTE 12 to 14 oz. Of SRC per gallon of hot water.
2. SWISH mop in SRC solution and leave dripping wet.
3. MOP 10 ft. X10 ft. area.
4. RINSE mop in bucket to clean mop.
5. WRING mop dry.
6. DAMP mop 10 ft. X 10 ft. area.
7. REPEAT steps 2 through 6 to finish floor.
8. ALLOW TO DRY, do not do a final rinse with clean water.

Note: For extreme conditions on porous surfaces such as unglazed or unsealed quarry, ceramic or concrete, SRC may be used full strength whenever floor surface is out of control. One gallon will effectively "shock clean" 400 to 500 sq. ft. of floor surface. Follow steps 3, 4 and 5 in the deck brush procedure below. This shock cleaning procedure is only necessary on porous floor surfaces when extreme conditions exist.

For intensive cleaning of accumulated tough soils in tile and grout.
1. ADD 4 oz. SRC to 1 gallon of hot water.
2. SPREAD hot SRC solution liberally with mop.
3. SCRUB floor thoroughly with deck brush.
4. SQUEEGEE soiled solution to drain or central area for easy pick-up. If floor drains are not available, wet vac or damp mop solution off floor in 10 ft. by 10 ft. areas.

Wet Mop Procedure (For Heavy Built-Up Soils)
1. ADD 4 oz. SRC to 1 gallon of hot water
2. SWISH mop in SRC solution and leave dripping wet (WET MOP).
3. WET MOP 10 ft. by 10 ft. area.
4. RINSE mop in bucket to clean mop.
5. WRING mop dry (DAMP MOP)
6. DAMP MOP 10 ft. by 10 ft. area
7. REPEAT steps 2 through 6 to finish floor.

Damp Mopping (No Rinse, for Light Soils)
This product is self-neutralizing. Do not apply a clear water rinse. If rinsing is desired, use SRC diluted 4 oz. per gallon of water.
1. Add 2-4 oz. of SRC to 1 gallon of hot water.
2. SWISH mop in SRC solution.
3. WRING mop dry (DAMP MOP).
4. DAMP MOP 10 ft. by 10 ft. area.
5. REPEAT step 2 through 4 to finish floor.

Important All Applications
If a final rinse is desired, use solution of water with SRC diluted as instructed.

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