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Super Acrylic Slip Resistant with Integrated Traction - 97300 Series
Product Description
  • A tough, one part, moderate duty anti slip coating suitable for a variety of interior & exterior applications.
  • No Skidding® Super Acrylic with Integrated Traction One Part also resists weathering, abrasion & mild chemicals.
  • Significantly reduces the chances of slipping, although this product cannot totally prevent the possibility of slipping.
  • Low odour and low VOC.
  • Soap & water cleanup.
Other Colors: Gray, Red, Black, Brown, Beige, Handicap Blue, Yellow, Tintable White, Green. Also available in clear, product no. 97312

Recommended Uses
  • Suitable for use on walkways, steps, ramps, locker room floors, boat docks, around pools, steps, ramps, tennis courts and a variety of other interior and exterior concrete, wood and metal surfaces that have been properly prepared.
  • This product is not for use in areas where it will be underwater; it is also not for use on garage floors or other areas of wheeled vehicle traffic.
  • Do not mix with oil colours, other paint products or solvents.
Finish: Textured Flat
Vehicle: Acrylic Resin
Formulation: Lead, Chromate and Mercury free

Physical Data
Gloss Rating: Flat
Viscosity: 125-130 K.U.
Percent Solids: Weight: 63.92.0%, Volume: 45.72.0%
Net Wt. Per Gal: 12.60.25 lbs/gal
VOC Category: 2.1 lbs/gal (250 grams/litre)
Flash Point: 158°F Closed Cup

Surface Preparation & Application Instructions
  • All surfaces must be clean and free of dust, dirt, grease, mildew, soap residue, loose paint, glue size and any other foreign matter. For best results, the cause of any previous paint failure should be corrected before repainting.
  • New masonry surfaces should age 30 days before being coated, Concrete that is new, smooth troweled, or suspected of being treated with chemical de-icers needs to be etched with a 10% solution of muratic acid and allowed to thoroughly dry before painting. Glossy surfaces should be dulled with fine sandpaper to ensure proper adhesion. Unpainted metal surfaces must be primed with metal primer before coating.
  • Floor is dry to walk on after 24 hrs under good drying conditions.
  • Pressure Treated Wood: Power wash thoroughly to remove oils in the wood before application.

  Super Acrylic Anti Slip Coating
  with Integrated Traction

Recommended Primers
Metal: Anti Rust Metal Primers
Galvanizing: Galvanized Metal Primer
Masonry/Wood/Concrete & Weathered Asphalt: No primer required

Recommended Application
Brush or Low Pile Roller: Recommended
Spray: Not recommended
Airless: Not recommended
Application Temperature: Minimum 50°F, Maximum 90°F
Storage Temperature: Minimum 35°F, Maximum 120°F
Drying Time (Good Conditions)
Tack Free: 2 Hours
To Recoat: 18-24 Hours
Hard: 7-14 Days
Practical Coverage: 100-125 sq. ft./gal. (Depending upon the porosity of the substrate)
Dilution: Not normally recommended. If necessary, use small amounts of clean water.
Recommended Film Thickness Per Coat:
Wet 12.8-16.0 mils, Dry 5.0-8.0 mils
*Clean up with soap and water

Packaging & Distribution:
Freight Class: Non-Flammable Paint
MSDS: Available upon request

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