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Vulcan UV Anti Slip Coating with Integrated Traction - 99002 to 99013
No Skidding® Vulcan UV Anti Slip Coating with Integrated Traction is a durable coating that contain special additives to create slip-resistant surfaces. This coating is premixed with the anti slip additive integrated into the product and is easy to apply with either a brush or a roller. This product was developed for moderate to heavy-duty applications around pools, sidewalks, catwalks, boat decks, stairs, ramps, shower rooms or other slippery areas.

With its integrated grit, this single component solvent based coating provides a durable anti-slip surface. This non-chlorinated rubber resin coating is formulated for use on new or old concrete surfaces. Its tough anti-slip characteristic reduces slippage on potentially slippery areas. It can be used on flat surfaces inside or outside.

Product Characteristics
  • Excellent sure footing even in wet areas like: stairways, loading docks, catwalks, shower rooms, wheel chair ramps, entranceways, swimming pool decks and other potentially slippery surfaces.
  • Recommended for indoor or outdoor use
  • Resistant to alkali, detergents and acids
  • A variety of colors are available
  • Can be applied to wood, concrete, steel or stone

Technical Data
Weight per Gallon: 13 - 14 pounds
Colors: Gray, Green, Tile Red, Yellow, Black, Handicap Blue & White.
Dry Time: 5-6 hours
Flash Point (C.O.C.): 105°F
Coverage: 100 sq. ft./gallon

  Vulcan UV Anti Slip Coating
   with Integrated Traction

Method of Application
Surface should be structurally sound and free of water, oil, grease, loose paint, or other soils. Smooth bare concrete should be acid etched to insure good adhesion. Apply with brush, trowel, or notched squeegee. After application, the coating can be back-rolled with a paint roller to level or increase the surface texture.

Use two thin coats for maximum durability. Dry the first coat overnight before applying the second coat. Tools may be cleaned using Rubber Base Thinner. Do not use paint thinner or mineral spirit.

Available in 5 Gallon and 1 Gallon Containers

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