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Epicote Slip Resistant, Quick drying One Part Epoxy 79QD Series

Epicote Non Catalyzed Epoxy, Slip Resistant, Low Profile

A one part epoxy coating specifically designed to give a hard textured coating for foot traffic on steel, fiberglass, treated aluminum, concrete, and properly primed wood substrate. Ideal for the boat, trailer, laundry room, bathroom, on steps, ramps and a variety of industrial and residential applications.

Surface Preparation
Surface should be dry, clean and free from contaminants such as oil, wax, dirt or mill scale. Aluminum surfaces should be treated first with an aluminum pretreatment before applying the coating. For concrete, clean with Flexclean or trisodium phosphate (TSP) and a firm bristle brush. Rinse thoroughly before paint application.

May be applied by brush or roller. Dries to touch in 10-20 minutes. Dry hard in 24 hours or more depending on weather conditions. Do not subject to foot traffic in less than 24 hours on drying time. This product is not recommended for garage floors.

Physical Properties
Theoretical Coverage: 200 ft. 2 at 3 mil dry film thickness
Drying time at 77°F (25°C), 50% Relative Humidity (Temperature & Condition Dependent)
Touch: 10-20 minutes
Hard: 24 hours
Resin Type: Epoxy Ester
Viscosity: 60-65 KU
Lb / gal: 9-10 #/g
Solid Weight: 50-55%
Coverage: 400sq. ft. per gal at mil DFT
ASTM D4518-91 Measuring static fraction of coating surfaces: Steel is -162 and Rubber is -745

Where needed a non-lifting solvent base primer may be applied for added corrosion resistance.

Thinner, Toluene, Xylene, or Lacquer.

This product contains solvents and/or other chemical ingredients. Adequate health and safety precautions should be observed during all storage, handling, use and drying periods.

See MSDS and label for precautionary and health hazard information.

79QD is available in clear (79QDC), white (79QDW) and grey (79QDG).

This product is also available as a slip resistant epoxy spray, 11930 series.

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