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Epicote Epoxy 76000 Series, 79140 Clear & 79023 Clear Slip Resistant

Epicote Non Catalyzed Epoxy, Slip Resistant, Low Profile

Epicote provides the tough durability of Epoxy Ester resin with the convenience and simplicity of one component application. This product has resistance to rubber burns and scuffmarks, as well as many chemicals and oil spills. A one-component, gloss coating modified with epoxy ester for enhanced chemical resistance. Resists many chemicals including oil, grease, alcohol, mild solvents, cleaners, weak acids and alkalis. Dries to a tough film that resists wear from foot or forklift traffic. Recommended for factories, warehouses, service stations and other uses.

Recommended Uses

This product is an excellent concrete floor seal and finish, formulated to stand up to the constant wear and abuse that an industrial floor receives. Provides a durable, anti-slip finish for floors in stores, schools and office buildings. Also for wood floors.


Specifications (for products 79140 & 79023)

Resistant to skinning: Resistant

Flash point (TCC): 107 degrees F

Tack free after 24 hours: Tack free

Not tacky after 15 minutes dry: Not tacky

No loss in dry after 7 days at 125degrees F: No loss

Little penetration: good sheen: Satisfactory

Damage - free: good adhesion between coats: Adhesion

Uniform appearance when patched: Uniform

Resistant to 50% alcohol: Resistant

Resistant to naptha: Resistant

Weight per gallon: 7.2 pounds

Clarity, Clear Coat: clear & sharp

This coating is slip resistant when used with fine, medium or coarse traction beads.

Product Characteristics

  • Provides a tough seal and finish that is resistant to abrasion, impact scuffmarks, rubber burns, ink, fruit juices, soda, alcohol and water.
  • Clear Coat dries to an excellent gloss that will not cloud, nor yellow with age.
  • Highly recommended for wooden floors.
  • Simple application - comes ready to use. Available in slip-resistant and also smooth finish.
  • Exceptional levelling characteristics prevent formation of bubbles and lap marks, for professional finish every time.
  • Durable-Formulated to stand up to constant wear and abrasion.


Dry Time

Between coats: 8 hours

To walk on: 24 hours

Colors (Please specify fine, medium, or coarse traction)

79140 Clear
76000 White
76001 Grey
76002 Green
76003 Red
76004 Dark Grey
76006 Beige
76008 Yellow
76012 Black
76023 Sand
Slip Resistant
79023T Clear
76000T White
76001T Grey
76002T Green
76003T Red
76004T Dark Grey
76006T Beige
76008T Yellow
76012T Black
76023T Sand

Surface Preparation

Curing seals and other sealers must be removed before application of this product. Do not apply to concrete that is less than 90 days old. Clean surface thoroughly, using heavy-duty cleaners and degreasers. All oil, grease dirt, loose paint, etc., should be completely removed before application of this product. If the concrete surface is smooth, an acid etch should follow the cleaning. The surface should then be thoroughly rinsed and allowed to dry overnight or until it is thoroughly dry.

Application Directions

Apply with low pile applicator. Two coats may be required. Apply second coat after first coat is dry and before 24 hours. Allow the surface to dry for 24 hours before putting surface to use. During application, extinguish all flames, including pilot light and have adequate ventilation. Do not use in closed areas. When recoating, screen back surface to remove gloss. This will insure bonding of the new coat to the old. To remove this product, use a paint remover.

Technical Data (Based on Light Gray #76001)

Percent solids, in colors: 40%

Color, gardner color standard Clear Coat: 14 ? 15

60 Gloss: 85%+

Viscosity: 65-75 KU

Flash point t.c.c.: over 100 degrees F

Set to touch - average: 3 hours

Resistance to water (24 hours): excellent

Approximate Coverage: 350 sq. ft./Gal


Available in 5 Gal & 1 Gal containers

* Clean up with mineral spirits

Read application instructions and MSDS before applying product.

Click here for the Epicote Epoxy print pdf

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