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Porous Anti Slip Surface Sealer (PASS) - 8901
Porous Anti Slip Surface Sealer #8901

No Skidding® Porous Anti Slip Surface Sealer (PASS) is a water-based indoor/ outdoor hard surface sealer that provides superior resistance to grease, moisture, solvents and other foreign materials, for concrete, terra cotta, brick, pavers, Saltillo tiles, as well as many unglazed ceramic tiles. PASS can achieve a high gloss in a few as 2 coats.

Product Features / Benefits

  • With optional micro traction booster for added slip resistance as required.
  • Easy to Apply / Saves time, labor and reduces training requirements.
  • UV Resistant / Great for outdoors including areas with direct sunlight.
  • Low odor, fast drying.
  • Eliminates need for surface etching thereby saving time and labor.
  • Forms a wear resistant barrier on surface subject to grease, oil and soiling.
  • Water resistant.
  • Does not whiten or "peel-off" surfaces.

Recommended For

Indoors and outdoors: Swimming pool decks, stamped unsealed patterned concrete, office buildings, shopping malls and plazas, supermarkets and retail stores, schools, warehousing, etc.

Directions for Use:

Floor Preparation for all Interior / Exterior Surface Applications: Remove all grease, oil and other foreign materials from the surface with No Skidding® Flexclean or No Skidding® On Guard. If previous coatings are present, remove the coating with the appropriate stripper. Rinse the surface thoroughly and allow the surface to fully dry prior to application of PASS.

Application: Apply PASS using a lambs wool applicator, paint roller or a rayon finish mop. The first coat should be applied using a thin even coating on surface. Allow a minimum of 45 minutes drying time before the application of additional coats.

Optional: Gently shake material to ensure integrated micro traction is evenly dispersed within container before using.

Routine Maintenance: Damp mop floors with mop & bucket or clean with an automatic scrubber using Flexclean and follow label direction. For areas that require heavy cleaning or degreasing, use On Guard Degreaser following the label directions. Rinse surface with water after cleaning.

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