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Textured Epoxy Slip Resistant Spray - 11930 Series
A slip resistant epoxy coating that cures to a tough, textured finish. Designed for exterior and interior use on concrete, steel, wood, fiberglass, aluminum, tile, etc. Particularly effective anywhere water or other slippery conditions exist. Contains non skid recycled plastic particles specifically designed to give a hard textured coating for foot traffic on concrete, steel, fiber glass, treated aluminum, and primed wood

  • Slip Resistant
  • Adheres to most hard surfaces
  • A cost effective method of coating small areas
  • Easy to apply, sets up quickly
  • Contains Durable Microgrit

Intended Uses
No Skidding® Slip Resistant textured epoxy spray can be used to render the following surfaces slip resistant: steps, ramps, public restrooms, loading docks, around equipment running boards, step pads, ladders, boats, pool decks, diving boards, fire escapes.

Typical Application
Apartment buildings, hospitals, nursing homes, industrial plants, marinas, schools, municipalities, public institutions, office buildings, warehouses.

Surface Preparation
Surface must be clean, dry, and free of grease. Remove grease by washing with No Skidding® On Guard or suitable cleaner. PLEASE READ DETAILED GENERAL INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS BEFORE APPLYING NO SKIDDING® SLIP RESISTANT TEXTURED EPOXY COATING.

Clear, Gray, Safety Yellow, Black & White.

Product Specifications
Type: Slip Resistant Textured Epoxy Spray #11930 Series

Coverage: Approximately 25 sq.ft. per spray can

Appearance / Odor: Viscous liquid / Strong solvent odor

Flash Point of Concentrate: 45°F

Aerosol Flammability: Extremely Flammable Spray

Specific Gravity of Concentrate: 0.800

Propellant: Liquefied Petroleum Gas

Spray Pattern: Circular Coarse Fan spray

NFPA Fire Rating: Level 3 Aerosol

Packaging: 12 X 12 oz. Net Wt. Cans per case (16oz. Size Cans)

See MSDS and label for precautionary and health hazard information.

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