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EPO TUFF ES-83 Heavy Duty High Solids 2 Part Epoxy
Epo Tuff ES-83 Epoxy
High-solids, high-build, slip resistant epoxy protective coating for tough industrial, marine and offshore environments. These coatings are especially formulated to solve complex slip injury problems, with minimal surface preparation. These coatings are designed to permit application directly to tightly adhering rust and intact old paint without blast cleaning.

With its blend of penetrants and surface tension-control agents, ES-83 has superior wetting action and creates a tight bond. The result is a tough, durable coating with excellent resistance to weather, moisture, sunlight and chemical fumes. The low-solvent formula will typically not lift or wrinkle old paint, and it is also an excellent direct-to-metal protective coating for new, unpainted surfaces. It meets existing VOC regulations, and it even meets requirements for drinking water and indirect food contact.

For durable anti-slip protection in a variety of industrial settings, and for every maintenance painting job.

A tough coating that seals and protects in just one application, it is an excellent all-in-one primer and topcoat for new and existing floors in industrial facilities and exterior weathered exposure. It resists high humidity and moisture, and is compatible with prepared damp surfaces when pre-application blasting is impractical or impossible.

ES-83 cures through wide temperature range, and is available in a variety of colors. It is a self-priming topcoat over most existing coatings. Its chemical resistance to splash/spillage and fumes makes ES-83 an excellent choice for a wide variety of general maintenance applications.

Fast drying time - dry to touch in as few as two hours at 70ºF (21ºC) and recoat in three hours. Offers the least amount of odor, low temperature cure down to 0ºF (-18ºC), superior chemical resistance and qualities, such as high surface tolerance for excellent adhesion.

  EPO TUFF ES-83 Heavy Duty
  High Solids 2 Part Epoxy

8 ways that No Skidding® Product coatings save time and money in maintenance painting
  1. Primer and topcoat in one - no downtime, less costly to apply.
  2. Requires minimal surface preparation especially convenient where blast cleaning is impractical.
  3. Can be applied over old paint and rust. Low-solvent formula penetrates to form a tight bond. Compatible with most older coatings, as well as damp substrates.
  4. Application by brush, roller or spray is quick and easy. At 70°F (21°C) dries to the touch in just 2 hours. Cures to a tough, durable film that resists moisture, and chemical fumes.
  5. A single 5-mil (125 microns) coat delivers long-term protection compared to conventional paints that require two or three coats and deliver short-lived protection. Can even be applied in thicknesses up to 8 mils (200 microns) in one coat - a significant advantage for coating angular surfaces.
  6. Can be applied in cold weather temperatures down to 40°F (4°C), even down to freezing, if the surface is free of ice.
  7. Available in a large variety of standard colors.

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