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Epicote Epoxy Slip Resistant Floor Coating
with Integrated Traction - 79000 Series

No Skidding® Slip Resistant Epoxy Floor Coating
with Integrated Traction 79000 Series

Single part, with integrated silica type grit, provides a durable coarse non-slip surface. For interior use on wood, concrete, or steel surfaces that require safe footing. Resistant to gasoline, acids and most oils. Also resists hydraulic oils, grease, alcohol, etc.

Intended Uses

No Skidding® Slip Resistant Epoxy Floor Coating with Integrated Traction is designed to provide sure, safe footing on wet or sloped areas in manufacturing operations, warehousing facilities, indoor walkways, ramps, loading docks and anywhere a tough non-slip surface is required. Concrete must be at least 90 days old before using this product.

Typical Applications

Manufacturing operations, warehouses, walkways, ramps, loading docks etc.

Product Characteristics

  • Helps prevent hazardous working conditions
  • Simple application - ready to use, no messy measuring or mixing
  • Durable - formulated with epoxy resin to stand up to wear and abuse
  • Economical - just apply with low pile roller
  • Versatile - use on concrete, wood or stone floors
  • Beautifies - available in grey, green, red, yellow, black, beige and sand
  • Clean up with mineral spirits



Surface must be dry and free from dirt, rust, grease, oil and loose paint. For best results, smooth concrete surfaces should be etched with a 20% solution of muratic acid. A phenolic core or low pile roller is recommended, no primer or thinner is necessary.

Epicote Epoxy Slip Resistant Floor Coating with Integrated Traction

Approximate Coverage

Single coat application approximately 100 sq.ft. per gallon. Two coat application, approximately 150 sq.ft. per gallon when applied in thin coats. Second coat must be applied within 24 hours of first application for best adhesion.

Technical Data

Weight Per Gallon: 12.5 pounds

Flash Point: 105degrees F

Coverage: 150 sq.ft. per gallon

Dry Time - To Touch: 3 hours

Dry Time - Hard: 6-8 hours

Dry Time - Between Coats: 5-6 hours

Dry Time - Open to Traffic: 12-24 hours

Available Colors: Gray (79015), Green (79017), Tile Red (79019), Safety Yellow (79020), Black (79021), Beige (79022) & Sand (79033)

** Available in 5 and 1 Gallon containers

During Application, extinguish all flames, including pilot lights, and have adequate ventilation. Do Not use in closed area.

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