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NS4200PH Series Photo Luminescent Tapes

NS4200PH Glow in the Dark Photo
Luminescent Anti Slip Egress Grit Tape

In an emergency situation, there is always the possibility of panic and the risk of serious injury due to slips and falls. NS4200PH is an anti skid, mineral-coated photo luminescent tape that provides, non-slip protection on hazardous surfaces. Because photo luminescent tape absorbs and stores energy from ambient light, it is instantly visible in the event of darkness. NS4200PH easily adheres to most surfaces, making it ideal for stairs and other potentially slick surfaces that are part of your low-level emergency egress system.

A non-toxic, non-radioactive glow-in-the-dark compound produced in a thin gauge film. These safety grade films glow in total darkness after exposure to a light source. NS4200PH absorbs and stores energy from any ambient or UV light, it then releases this energy in the event of darkness. This process works in two phases. The initial phase consists of a strong immediate glow followed by an accelerated decrease of the initial brilliance within the first half-hour. Available in rolls. Delivers amazing flexibility for use as an important safety product.

Sudden power failure can increase the potential for injury, panic and slip and falls. Our glow in the dark photo luminescent tape is the ideal safety grade solution for making stairs and hallways that are part of an emergency egress route. This product is made with the same adhesive system as our other anti slip tapes and will adhere to most clean, dry and grease free surfaces.

  • Aggresive adhesive system.
  • Complies with safety grade photo luminescent standards.
  • Suitable for sealed concrete, metal and painted wood surface.
NS4200PH Series Slip Resistant
NS4201PH (12 rolls/case)
NS4202PH (6 rolls/case)
NS4203PH (4 rolls/case)
NS4204PH (3 rolls/case)
NS4206PH (2 rolls/case)
NS4212PH (1 roll/case)
NS4218PH (1 roll/case)
NS4224PH (1 roll/case)
NS4200PH-6X24 (10pcs/case)

*Custom widths available, please inquire

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