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No Skidding Anti-Slip Tile & Bathtub Treatment 10900 Series

No Skidding® Tile & Bath Tub
Treatment #10900 Series

Major hotel chains are using this product on tens of thousands of tubs with dramatic increases in safety. Quick and easy to apply. Simply pour over the base of the clean tub, leave for 3 minutes and rinse with water. With correct housekeeping the one application will prevent slip injuries for years. Only 4 oz. (125 ml) required per 5 ft. tub.

Long Lasting Slip and Fall Protection
In Bathtubs & Showers

  • Enamel and Porcelain Bathtubs,
    Saunas and Hot Tubs
  • Ceramic Tile Shower Floors
  • Ceramic, Granite and selected
    Marble Bathroom Floors
  • Tile areas surrounding Whirlpools and Hot Tubs
  • Effective on most Hard Mineral Surface

NO SKIDDING® ANTI-SLIP TREATMENT minimizes the danger of slip injuries in bath tubs and showers by increasing the slip-resistance on wet porcelain tubs and tiled shower floors. It creates an "invisible tread" on hard mineral surfaces such as porcelain tubs, ceramic tile, quarry tile, terrazzo, and more. Recommended for use in bathrooms of hotels, hospitals, senior care facilities, fitness clubs, schools and in the home.


About No Skidding® Anti Slip
Treatment On Hard Floors

A clear chemical treatment that increases the coefficient of friction on natural stone and porcelain tub surfaces, thereby increasing the safety of the surface when wet. The product has easy application features and low odour. It does not noticeably alter the appearance of the surface. Does not adversely affect the maintenance of the surface.

What is No Skidding® Treatment?

No Skidding® Treatment is a water based, low odour, colorless liquid. It is not a coating that can wear and that requires repeated re-application.

No Skidding® Treatment is simply applied to the base of the tub. The surface is kept wet with the Treatment, then rinsed away with clean, cold water. This simple process will increase the coefficient of friction and will typically be effective for up to 5 years with the one application. The surface can be put back into use immediately. There is no cure time as with coatings.

How does No Skidding® Treatment work?

All natural stone including porcelain tubs contains small amounts of silica. No Skidding® Anti Slip Treatment is carefully formulated to dissolve a controlled amount of the silica so as to create thousands of minute, shallow indentations in the surface.

This profile is so subtle that it cannot be seen or felt. Because the profile sits BELOW the level of the surface, it does not affect the cleaning process as with a profile that stands ABOVE the surface such as an anti slip paint coating.

When the surface is wet with water, these shallow indentations fill. When you stand on the wet surface and your foot starts to slide, the water is squeezed out of the indentations turning them into thousands of suction cups that helps stop the foot from slipping.

All that is required is good housekeeping to keep the surface free of soil accumulation and soaps.

No Skidding® Treatment is a simple, very low cost and low maintenance method of boosting tub and floor safety.


#10904 4 oz. (118 ml) 24 per carton

#10908 8 oz. (237 ml) 12 per carton

#10932 32 oz. (942 ml) 12 per carton

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